Elephant Junction

The winding journey to this hill town (Murikkady), through the spice gardens, offers a stunning view of the rolling hills draped in lush greenery. Washed in fresh spice scented air, Murikkady is a panorama of Cardamom, coffee and pepper plantations. The very sound of the name conjures up images of elephants, unending chains of hills and spice centered plantations.
We at elephant junction believe that the close interaction between the elephants and the human benefits all, so guests are encouraged to spend as much as time possible during stay in getting to know those wonderful animals. Undisturbed by the mechanical roar of a car or jeep. Open to the skies accompanied only by the rhythmic – scuff- scuff- scuff of elephant’s feet and creaks of the wooden howdah. The ride can be a mix of moments of pure terror interspersed with long period of utter peace.

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Elephant Junction
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